Athlete's Foot Solution Healthy Nail Anti-fungal Treatment All Natural First Aid Spray
Athlete's Foot Solution
Base Price: $13.95

Our 90.5% natural Anti-Fungal Solution with Tea Tree & Jojoba oils moisturizes, soothes, and instantly stops the itch of Athlete's Foot!

"Healing Tree's Athlete's Foot Solution is the only treatment I tried that instantly soothed with unbelievable itch relief." ~Kelly H., TN


Jojoba, tea tree and red thyme oils combine to instantly absorb into the nail bed, killing underlying fungus and promoting healthy, normal nail growth faster than the leading OTC brands.

"After ten years of trying OTC and prescriptions medications for toenail fungus to no avail, I used the Healthy Nail Treatment. I was absolutely amazed! I have normal toenail growth and no more itching around the toe!" ~ Bernard K., TN

Soothing antiseptic spray relieves even the most sensitive skin. Our sting-free formula is a 100% Natural, alcohol-free blend of healing botanicals that instantly calms sunburns, bug bites and cuts.

"I had some sores that would not heal...I was told to go to a dermatologist. I tried your Natural First Aid Spray instead. In four days of twice daily applications, all is well and my scalp is clear." ~ Buck M, NC

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