All Natural Healing Cream "Go 'Way!" All Natural Insect Repellent All Natural First Aid Spray
All Natural Healing Cream
Base Price: $12.95

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Gentle, lightweight lotion is formulated with natural anti-inflammatories like Arnica, Calendula & Aloe to relieve skin irritation and rapidly heal minor burns, cuts, rashes, blemishes, insect bites, and poison oak/poison ivy. Instant diaper rash relief for little ones with sensitive skin.

"I've been using
Healing Tree for about a week on my 4 month old who has had baby eczema since he was born. I've tried everything - Aquaphor, Aveeno, and a variety of natural/homeopathic creams, and nothing has worked as well as Healing Tree at healing his skin."
~ Gillian S, Brooklyn, NY


Keep you friends close and those pesky bugs 'WAY! with our fantastically powerful, lightweight, deliciously scented "GO 'WAY!" All Natural Insect Repellent. With powerful Port Orford Cedar oil, Citronella & Peppermint. Now in 4 convenient sizes!

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Gentle antiseptic spray relieves even the most sensitive skin. Our sting-free formula is a 100% Natural, alcohol-free blend of healing botanicals that instantly calms sunburns, bug bites and cuts. Your new summer staple!

"I had some sores that would not heal...I was told to go to a dermatologist. I tried your Natural First Aid Spray instead. In four days of twice daily applications, all is well and my scalp is clear." ~ Buck M, NC

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