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Healthy Nail Anti-fungal Treatment
Healthy Nail Anti-Fungal Treatment
Price: $16.95

This soothing solution combines Jojoba, Tea Tree and Red Thyme oils to instantly absorb into the nail bed, killing underlying fungus and promoting healthy, normal nail growth faster than the leading OTC brands. FREE Nail File included.

Athlete's Foot Solution
Athlete's Foot Solution
Price: $14.95

Healing Tree's 90.5% Natural Anti-Fungal Solution with Tea Tree & Jojoba oils moisturizes, soothes, and instantly stops the itch of Athlete's Foot!

Australian Tea Tree Oil
Australian Tea Tree Oil
Price: $11.95

The highest quality Pharmaceutical Grade Australian Tea Tree oil available on the market. Keep it handy as an all natural cleaner (mix with a few essential oils to clean a yoga mat, for example); a spot treatment for blemishes; a deodorizer; an anti-microbial/anti-fungal solution for any skin irritation. Available in 1 and 2 oz sizes.