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  • Where did the Name Healing Tree come from?
Healing Tree takes its name from Australia's famed Tea Tree and the phenomenal healing powers of Tea Tree oil. Tea Tree oil is a complex mixture of several different derivatives with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Healing Tree founder, Dr. Eric Witherspoon, began using Tea Tree oil over 25 years ago while working as a equine veterinarian. He discovered that Tea Tree oil was more effective in healing wounds and cuts than conventional treatments. Dr. Witherspoon began compounding solutions using other natural remedies, botanicals, and essential oils and developed Healing Tree's line of natural healing solutions based on the success of these formulations.

  • What is Tea Tree Oil?
Tea Tree oil is derived from the Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and is Nature’s greatest anti-microbial/antiseptic. Tea Tree oil makes up the base of most of Healing Tree's formulas. We source the highest grade Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree oil from Australia and package it in cobalt blue glass bottles to protect it from light degradation. Just like other oils we use, Tea Tree oil is produced in grades that indicate its quality and harshness. The quality indicates the balance of terpinol and cineol in the oil, which will determine how safe it is to apply to the skin. Lower grade Tea Tree oils are great to use, when diluted, for cleaning and disinfectant purposes; to create at-home solutions for household cleaning, yoga mat cleaning, etc. Our high grade Tea Tree oil can be an invaluable asset to your medicine cabinet and can be used as an antiseptic to treat a variety of skin conditions including blemishes and other minor irritations.

  • What Does 'Pharmaceutical Grade' Mean?
Pharmaceutical grade means the product is over 99% pure, with no fillers, binders or dyes. The Australian government grades Tea Tree oil before it ever leaves the continent on a basis from a pure, medicinal quality pharmaceutical grade, to a harsh, industrial-type cleaning grade. Healing Tree uses only pharmaceutical grade Tea Tree oil, which is over 37% terpinol (an aromatic oil) and less than 4% cineol (an oil found in eucalyptus), making it the safest, most soothing, least irritating Tea Tree oil available.

  • What is Jojoba Oil?
Just like Olive oil comes in different grades of purity and quality, from cheap, low-grade versions to high end cold-pressed and extra virgin olive oils, Jojoba oil, derived from the Jojoba plant found in Southwestern US desert areas, is graded for purity and clarity. We use only the highest grade Golden Jojoba oil, known for its excellent properties as a non-greasy emollient that richly moisturizes and penetrates easily into skin, nails, and hair. It can be used alone as a moisturizer or as the carrier for other medicinal ingredients in our formulas.

  • Are All 'Natural' Products or Ingredients the Same?
Absolutely not! There are a lot of 'Natural' products on the market today, but without carefully inspecting the ingredients, many consumers end up using products that are less than optimal. Buying the highest grade Tea Tree oil or Jojoba oil, for example, will ensure rapid healing for skin conditions, rather than further irritations. Another example would be Comfrey, a well-documented natural poultice and anti-inflammatory. Different parts of the plant, from the rhizomes to the roots, to the stems and leaves, contain higher, or lower, amounts of an alkaloid that can be harmful if ingested. At Healing Tree, we use comfrey that has been derived from those areas of the plants that have either minuscule or NO amounts of alkaloid.

  • What is a 'Counterirritant' and why is it a Good Thing?
A counterirritant is an agent that causes local or superficial inflammation of the skin in order to relieve inflammation in deeper structure. We use the counterirritants Myrrh and pure Menthol, derived from Peppermint Oil, in our deeply soothing All Natural Muscle Rub. The Menthol cools and heats the skin, and the Myrrh encourages surface blood flow. By doing so, both ingredients help heal underlying inflammation and muscular soreness.

  • What is the Significance of “Pure Ingredients. Powerful Healing”?
One of the many things that sets Healing Tree’s products apart from ANYTHING on the market today is our dedication to using only the finest ingredients in their purest forms and preparations. ‘Natural’, ‘Green’, and ‘Organic’ are very popular marketing terms but Healing Tree backs up these claims with our dedication to using the best quality ingredients for the best healing results. We challenge the consumer to carefully READ the ingredients on the packages of your favorite products, whether they be pharmaceutical or cosmetic. Just as we scan the ingredients in our food for ‘no-no’s’ like corn syrup, additives, preservatives, etc, we should also be aware of the things we put on our bodies; after all, the skin is the body's largest organ. All Healing Tree products are absolutely FREE of alcohols, waxes, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, synthetic dyes, mineral oils, and fillers.

  • Why do you use Hydrocortisone in your Natural Products?
It's a great question and one we are frequently asked! Please see the "Smart Pharmaceuticals" tab under the Ingredients page for a full break down of the use of hydrocortisone and benzathonium chloride in several of our medicated ointments. The short answer is that we use a small amount (1%) hydrocortisone, an effective topical steroid, in some of our formulas to calm irritated or itchy skin. The hydrocortisone combines with ingredients like aloe, arnica, calendula and tea tree oil to optimize the healing benefits of each ingredient for rapid healing without a prescription.

  • Can you Cure Eczema and Psoriasis?
Unfortunately, no. And any company that claims to do so is misleading you. Eczema is the skin's response to an irritant. Almost always red and itchy, an eczemic break out could be in response to an allergy, substance or unknown irritant. There is no cure, but you can treat the symptoms. Likewise, Psoriasis is a chronic disease of the immune system, meaning that the irritation, scaling, itching, redness and plaques are an external manifestation of an internal condition. No topical product can "cure" either condition, but Healing Tree's soothing formulas are designed to help alleviate the symptoms, calming irritated and broken skin, reducing redness and itching, and helping to manage the discomfort and prevent scarring. Regular application of Healing Tree products may also help to reduce the severity of future break outs. We recommend using our products topically in conjunction with a doctor recommended regimen.

  • Are your Products safe to use on Kids and Babies?
It's a great question! While we use many of the products on our own kids on a daily basis, not all of them are recommended for use on babies and young children. For those who want the anti-itch properties of a healing or first aid cream without the use of hydrocortisone (not recommended for use on babies under age 2), we recommend using our super gentle All Natural Healing Cream. It's packed with pure healing botanicals and is soothing and lightweight enough to be used as a fabulous diaper rash cream. Likewise, our alcohol-free First Aid Spray is 100% natural and gentle first aid relief for kids and babies' sensitive skin. Our Natural Insect Repellent ('Go 'Way!) is also gentle enough to use on the whole family and even on pets. While our All Natural Muscle Rub is also 100% natural, the strong properties of Menthol are not appropriate for the young ones and may cause pain and irritation on sensitive skin, and near nose and eyes. Test a small patch on the skin of your forearm to see if any products cause irritation before full application.