Natural Healing Solutions from Our Family to Yours

Meet Julia Magnuson and Elliot Witherspoon aka Team Healing Tree. Julia joined Healing Tree as an operations manager and oversaw the company before diving into ownership. With decades of experience in management, business and community organizing, Julia brings creativity, humor, and structure to the team, while Elliot's background as a long-time co-owner of Healing Tree, therapist, and educator widens the breadth of networking. The collective experience between Julia and Elliot from management and organizing, to counseling and coaching, and networking and international ambassadorship, creates a dream team with a wide breadth of knowledge and creativity.

Together, they bring ingenuity and a shared vision of bringing Healing Tree's phenomenal line of effective, condition-specific products directly into the hands of their customers.

A Brief History:
Dr. Eric Witherspoon had a clear
mission when he launched the original Healing Tree line in the late 1990s: create the most effective healing solutions using only the finest natural and pharmaceutical ingredients. Healing Tree expanded from a single, all-in-one 'miracle cream' to a complete line of non-toxic, plant-derived, condition-specific treatments for first aid, skincare, foot and nail care, body care and an insect repellent. When the four Witherspoon sisters all joined the team in 2016, they aimed to take Healing Tree into its next chapter. As mothers, conscientious skin care consumers, and stewards of the natural environment, they proudly cultivated the natural, healing and family-oriented ethos of Healing Tree. The year 2020 brought retirement, family expansion, career changes, international moves, and every thing else 2020 could throw its way, including Elliot and Julia taking over. All former team members/partners are still available for consult, cheerleading, and support.