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  • Healing Tree’s Eczema Ointment has been a life saver for me!… [read more]
  • I have struggled with psoriasis since about age 11… [read more]
  • I wanted to thank you for your Psoriasis Ointment, it has been a life saver for me… [read more]
  • I just want you to know that you have one more Happy customer… [read more]
  • I have been using Healing Tree Naturals on my 4 month old baby who has had baby eczema...[read more]

First Aid - Rashes, Cuts & Burns

  • I have had type 1 diabetes for over 50 years and cuts and wounds are very slow to heal… [read more]
  • The very best product I have ever used to heal cold sores; it’s fantastic!!… [read more]
  • I used (your formulas) all indoor climbing season on my chapped calloused hands… [read more]
  • I have prescribed (your products) for numerous patients with excellent success and satisfaction… [read more]
  • I was in trouble with an infection… [read more]
  • I had an allergic reaction to penicillin, which left me covered in hives… [read more]
  • Since the burn was so painful, our grandson was delighted that it was a spray and it did not hurt at all going on... [read more]

Foot & Nail Fungus

  • I’ve been dealing with a bad case of toenail fungus for over 10 years… [read more]
  • Healing Tree's Athlete's Foot Solution is the only treatment I tried...[read more]
  • After a six year fight with a toe nail fungus that I got from a foot spa...[read more]
WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES of SKIN CONDITION. See "Before" and "After" pictures of "swamp" foot treated with our Athlete's Foot Solution...[read more]

Muscle, Joint Ache & Fibromyalgia Pain

  • I have used so many products over the years, a closet full of promises… [read more]
  • This Healing Tree stuff is great--felt like I pulled a muscle last week and I actually had to stop my workout... [read more]
  • We visited an older couple in the mountains. Four weeks ago she had a fall… [read more]
  • Recently I fell down and landed on my hip on a concrete surface… [read more]
  • This stuff is amazing!!! It works way better than Icy-Hot. I need more!… [read more]
  • Healing Tree is amazing! This weekend, I ran a 1/2 marathon with The All Natural Muscle Rub... [read more]
  • Hunching over a keyboard all day turned me into a cranky, knotted, tense work-troll, and no amount medication or stretching... [read more]
  • I am a huge fan of the muscle rub...I am a dance teacher/choreographer, and the particular formula that...[read more]
  • My husband came across a shop in central London and purchased the All Natural Muscle Rub, as well as the Athlete's Foot Solution, and I must say [they are] incredible...[read more]
  • It works really well the day after a long, hard run - on in conjunction with my foam roller...[read more]
  • I just wanted to give you guys some positive feedback. I really love the Healing Tree Muscle Rub and think it is by far the best product out there of its kind...[read more]

Insect Bites & Relief

  • I keep your (Healing Tree’s) First Aid Cream and All Natural Healing Cream for any problems with my skin… [read more]
  • I had a bad case of poison ivy last year and I've tried many treatments, nothing comes close to the Healing Tree formula… [read more]
  • Ditto on the poison oak/ivy! We love this… [read more]
  • You can't beat this stuff for healing poison oak… [read more]
  • Oh my goodness... not only Poison Ivy, but insect bites, skin rashes, and the Muscle Rub… [read more]
  • Healing Tree was recommended to me for my son who is a wrestler and is constantly fighting skin abrasions and ring worm… [read more]
  • The Healing Tree Healing Cream is AMAZING. I actually use this as my once a day face lotion after washing. I have troublesome combination acne prone...[read more]


  • I am quite pleased with Healing Tree First Aid Ointment!… [read more]
  • I have a close friend who is a Respiratory Therapist at local hospital… [read more]
  • Lastly, the Healing Tree Organic Eucalyptus Mint lip balm has saved my life. I put in on every morning and my lips are happy all day... [read more]
  • My skin is so happy thanks to your amazing products. I very much am looking forward to trying your jojoba oil products. Thanks so much!

How have our Healing Tree products worked for you? Please send us a testimonial! Got any before & after pictures to share? We LOVE to hear feedback!

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