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Foot & Nail Fungus

  • I’ve been dealing with a bad case of toenail fungus for over 10 years and have tried both OTC and prescription topical medications to no avail…I applied (Healing Tree) Healthy Nail Treatment twice a day for about 10 days. I was absolutely amazed! It goes on easily, penetrates rapidly under and around the toenail, and really works! For the first time in over a decade, I have normal toenail growth and no more itching around the toe or yellowed toenail growth!
    • Bernard K., TN

  • Healing Tree's Athlete's Foot Solution is the only treatment I tried that instantly soothed with unbelievable itch relief.
    • Kelly H., TN

  • After a six year fight with a toe nail fungus that I got from a foot spa, this Healthy Nail Treatment is kicking it.
    • Alan F., CA

(WARNING: Rough Images Ahead!)
This skateboarder gentleman from Florida contracted a nasty case of "swamp foot" (or bacterial and fungal infection). He sent us his "Before" photos of his painfully swollen foot with red, peeling and cracked skin, and his miraculous "After" photos, of his essentially healed foot after applying Healing Tree's Athlete's Foot Solution for just three weeks.

  • "Swamp Foot" (Before)