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"Go 'Way!" Natural Insect Repellent

  • I just recently tried out the “Go ‘Way” bug spray against the mosquitoes of Yosemite National Park and the bug spray won.
    • Grayson C., NY

  • This spray has been so great! I first used the spray when we attended the end-of-year show for my son's preschool. It was in a backyard with lots of greenery and mosquitoes. I sprayed all my family, except my son who was in the show. We were all left untouched, but his legs got eaten up! I've kept it in my bag ever since. I do have to reapply, but with sweat and playing in sprinkler pads that's to be expected. Smell isn't over-powering and no chemicals!
    • Austin S., (Amazon Review)

  • This is my favorite bug spray. It smells great, it works, and it's not loaded with chemicals I don't want on my children! I use a lot of Healing Tree products because they work so well, so it was only natural that I would try their insect repellent. As I expected, I'm happy with this product as well. We keep a bottle in our car and with our camping gear at all time
    • Britney W, (Amazon Review)

  • I have tried many top brand natural insect repellents that didn't work, and this one actually does. I feel better knowing I am not spraying my children with harmful chemicals. They did get a few bites in our mosquito infested backyard, but significantly less than when I didn't spray them. As far as natural bug sprays go, this is my new fave
    • Janine V. (Amazon Review)

  • Two weeks in the backwoods and no bug bites - not a single one! Before going out my son now asks for the "good smelling spray that scares the bugs away!" What more could you ask for?!
    • Beth H. NYC

  • We love it. My daughter tends to get bit up, especially at night, and this always works to keep the bugs away. I love to roll on for my toddler - it means she can't dump it out or add water or spray it all over the house!
    • Jen D (Amazon Review)

  • Love this stuff - great at keeping mosquitoes away but also smells really good and doesn't feel heavy and sticky like deet/other bug sprays.
    • Brian G (Amazon Review)