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Oils & Lip Balm

  • I have a close friend who is a Respiratory Therapist at local hospital. Deb’s finger nails have virtually never known the light of day – the girl loves her nail polish. Hospital edict: no more nail polish starting Jan 1. I restored her hopes regarding a future without nail polish by giving her one of my bottles of jojoba oil.
    • Ellen, online

  • The Healing Tree Organic Eucalyptus Mint lip balm has saved my life. I put it on every morning and my lips are happy all day. This isn't a lip balm that leaves your lips thirsty an hour later. I get all day moisturizing from just one application in the morning. My skin is so happy thanks to your amazing products. I very much am looking forward to trying your jojoba oil products. Thanks so much!
    • Jessica, online