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What We Don't Use

What we don’t use is just as important as what we do use. Our healing solutions for skin, nails, and body are made with pure ingredients for powerful healing and never contain any of the following fillers and chemical ingredients:

- can dry out, irritate, and sting the skin
Animal Products
- with the exception of our beeswax based lip balm, all of our products are vegan and plant-based
- can cause irritation and skin sensitivity and cosmetic dyes are often derived from petroleum
- the scents of our products come from their natural ingredients; we never add synthetic fragrances, which can irritate sensitive skin
- chemical compounds that act as preservatives, commonly found in lotions, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics
- cannot be metabolized by the body and does not let the skin breathe
- chemical toxins used as softening agents that can cause internal damage
- not water soluble and can be drying and irritating; creates a seal, rather than promote penetration into skin