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Rethink your medicine cabinet.

Here at Healing Tree, we challenge you to "rethink" your medicine cabinet. The world has come a long way since we began developing our natural, tea tree oil-based formulas over a decade ago. 'Green', 'Natural' and 'Organic' are a way of life. We eat pesticide-free, are conscientious about recycling, and diligent about not exposing our children to harmful chemicals. We check the labels on our food, clothes, makeup, and cleaning products...

Pure Ingredients, Powerful Healing.

So why should your medicine cabinet look any different? Healing Tree has always believe in the synergy of naturally healing botanicals, and in high quality, time-tested pharmaceutical ingredients. Our products are formulated to the address the symptoms of common first aid, skin, nail and muscular conditions with out unnecessary additives, fillers or toxic chemicals. Our natural healing aids are gentle and effective treatments for every day use and contain no alcohol, parabens, dyes, or fragrances. At Healing Tree, we simply believe in the power of Pure Ingredients for Powerful Healing.